5, 4, 3, 2... 1-1-1!

Tracy HolmesComment

Well, we did it. Colour Every Day has officially ended, and so has the year it coloured. 

Starting exactly one year ago today, with nothing but the 'what if?' of pure White, a colour broke through on the Card Per Diem blog every morning for all 366 days of 2016. Here's a look back at how the cards were played . . .


Following fast on the all-important eight Corner Colours for the first eight days of 2016, another 23 of the 216 BreakThroughColour colours led the way in January:


The BTC Colour Cards were bumped in month two. Colour Basics took over for the 28+1 days of February as a special Leap Into Colour companion:


On March 1, it was back to the BTC deck. Almost all of the remaining Hues, Tints, Shades, and Tones took us right through Spring and well into Summer. Here's a glimpse of what the random roll-out looked like for that six-month stretch:


In September, back to school meant back to basics, posting the rest of the current Colour Basics deck. When there were no more real Colour Cards left to play, Colour Every Day went strictly virtual, featuring some of what's to come in 2017. September segued into a sneak peek of what could be called a Colour Basics booster set (starting here) with 72 new and more complex quarter-colour variations to fill the calendar for most of Fall:


By early December, even the new Basics had run out. So, offering another palette prototype preview, I posted 12 more new Hues (starting here), a pre-Christmas gift to colour up the holidays.

After that? The Greys of Winter moved in (starting here). In much of the world (equatorial and summertime south) things may have been merry and bright last month, but growing up in Vancouver, it always took a lot of Christmas colour to chase away the overcasting clouds, dreary drizzle, and slushy snow of December. The penultimate days of 2016 may have felt somewhat sombre, like some Dickensian vision of the Spirit of Colours Yet to Come, but the Hueless are as valid as the Hued. I've said it before, in the world of colour, Grey matters, and counting down the last of 2016's 366, every Grey had its day:


By the (almost) last day of the year, having posted 13 True Greys (some you know, and some you haven't met yet), 12 pure Hues (also new to the BTC family), a boosted bunch of 125 Colour Basics, and (almost) all 216 BreakThroughColour colours, all 12 months of this past year were (almost) full. It would have been enough for a regular year, but leading into a leap year, I knew I'd have to have one extra card up my sleeve for New Year's Eve. 

With only one day left in the year, there was only one card left to play, but which one? None better than a nearly hueless Hue Grey to colour the cusp between then and now, bringing us about as close back to where-we-started-White as a BTC Colour Card can get.

"5, 4, 3, 2 . . . 1-1-1!" 

All over the world, 2016's year-end countdowns are complete. With champagne sipped and kisses kissed, our latest leap year has leapt and left us. Our colours have come full circle, and here we are again, with that clean slate of another January 1, a welcome time and place to reflect, refresh, and refill with all the colour we can conjure.

Happy 2017. May all your days (yes, even the Greys) be oh-so-merry and ever bright.