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If you're a parent, the first day of school is a big deal. Being in a new place, getting to know a new teacher, hoping your kid will work and play well with others, make friends, fit in, and have fun.

And if you've ever created something new, turned an idea into an object, or seen a project through from its beginnings as a little spark in your brain to an actual hold-in-your-hands reality, you know it's not that different from being a parent. So imagine how proud I was when BTC recently had its first day of school...

The Art of Education is an online meet-up and resource hub for art teachers. Their ABOUT page says:

"The Art of Education is based on one simple, yet bold, idea. We believe that art teachers deserve inspiring, relevant, and, frankly, awesome professional development."

Most of BTC's early development was through workshops and conference seminars with professional adults, but I have always pictured the Colour Cards and Cubes as kid-friendly too, a cool school tool for a more traditional classroom. I haven't really been in a traditional classroom since I was a traditional pre-teen in Mr. Heine's Grade 7 at Cedardale Elementary, but I know my own school-aged son and his friends like 'playing (colour) cards.' And several of my grown-up workshop students and Kickstarter Backers are on the front lines of education as teachers themselves in elementary, middle, and high schools, or in college and university art programs. They're finding ways to connect BTC to their curricula, and they've all encouraged me to help others do the same.

Thank you so much to AOE's Amanda Heyn, Timothy Bogatz, Jennifer Borel, and Alecia Eggers, for welcoming BreakThroughColour into their elementary and middle school classrooms and putting the full collection of cards and cubes to the test. According to teacher Tim's report card, all three decks (Colour Basics, the BTC box of 216, and the DIY Cube Cards) did indeed work and play well with others, make friends, fit in, and have fun! In his words...

"They. Are. Awesome."

Tim is a regular contributor of content on AOE's blog and podcast. His latest post was a round-up of resources for teaching advanced colour theory, new ways to help highschoolers roll beyond the wheel. I was thrilled to see BTC featured in the list.


5 New Ideas for Teaching Advanced Color Theory

by Timothy Bogatz, Art of Education

You can read Tim's full post here, learn about some other fun colour tools, and have a look around the rest of the AOE site. If you're a teacher, a parent, or just want to get a sense of what's going on in school art rooms these days, The Art of Education will paint the picture.

If you would like to share your experiences using BTC in the classroom, or want to add your ideas to the development of BTC Teacher Resources, please join the conversation. Add your Comments here, e me, or subscribe to the BTC Mailing List to stay informed about future plans for BTC in K-12 (more Colour Card decks, lesson plans, and related BTC tools and manipulatives...) to add colour to your classroom and enhance your curriculum.