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You've reached the final 'Leap' of 'Leap Into Colour!'

If you took it slow and steady, that's fine... BTC is not a race, and the best pace for learning something new is whatever works for you. Same is true if you blasted through with a BTC binge (hey, if I can stay up all night and watch an entire season of American Horror Story, who am I to say 'slow down!'). And if you leapt around from one post to another without any concern for my chromatic chronology, that's cool too. I leapt around a little myself, and it's not like there are spoilers (unlike in AMH... yikes!). These 'Leaps' are here for you to peruse and use how and when you wish, and they'll stay here as an ongoing resource whenever you want or need to come back for another look.


Maybe there were lessons that were a breeze for you, and this may be especially true if you've come to BTC with a firm foundation of colour theory, practice, or both. Established artists, designers, teachers, and colour geeks out there, you likely leapt along happier than a frog on a pogo stick. 


Maybe there were lessons (or parts of lessons) that had you slightly stumped, kinda confused, or downright dumbfounded. That's okay too. There's lots of info packed into this series of posts, and while some of it is based on common colour concepts and may have felt like familiar territory, there are other ideas that break the rules and shift colour to new places.


BreakThroughColour is an original system, so in at least some ways, it will be new to everyone. But I really want you to 'get it.' So if you've made it this far but there's still a little something (or a lot of everything) that you don't quite get yet, raise your virtual hand and ask. Remember, the only 'dumb question' is the one you don't ask, so please, speak up so I can help you through. E me, or better yet, post your queries in the Comments along the way (chances are, you're not the only one who's wondering...). Email and Comments are also a great way to have a say in how I can make things even clearer, not just with the 'Leaps,' but with the entire BTC website. Add your voice and be a part of the 'breakthrough'!

Now, to wrap up all this 'Leaping,' I have a question for you...


I started this post planning to list a few of the ways I've used BTC Colour Cards and Cubes in the past few years. But I've already said a lot in the past few weeks, so... What about you? Now that you know a little more about BreakThroughColouryou tell me... 

  • How do you plan to use BTC in your colour-full world? In your studio, workshop, design lab, classroom, or...?
  • Are you learning about colour for the first time? Or are you here for a refresher, or a fresh perspective?
  • What brought you to the BTC in the first place?
  • What do you like most about BTC? The colours, the codes, the cards, the cubes? And what might you like to see tweaked, further explained, or enhanced in future versions?

Okay, I guess that's more than one question...

Thank you so much to those of you who have already shared thoughts, given feedback, and added insight, in seminars and workshops in BTC's early days in 2012, during its global debut on Kickstarter in the summer of 2015, and via this website since January 1, 2016.

I'll be sharing lots more in future posts on this blog, but I thought it might be fun to end this start-up series with a bonus post...


Share your BTC experiences and intentions, in the Comments below or via email and I'll sum them up and share them in a later post here on the BTC blog. Based on what I've heard and seen so far, there are some pretty creative, diverse, and innovative BTCers out there, already 'breaking through' in all sorts of wonderful ways.

You know what? I think we'll end up with more than 29. We may even have enough to take us through to the next Leap Day, February 29, 2020...