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One of the most anticipated announcements of the year for colourists must surely be Pantone's annual declaration of Color of the Year. I have never been one to bend to a trend, but somehow the folks at Pantone manage to sway us to a certain swatch with their annual pick. Even me. See? In honour of the newly-appointed 15-0343, I changed the default colour for all the links on this website.

If you haven't seen it already, here is Greenery, showcased in a fresh featurette:

But wait. There's more to this story.

If you've been watching the daily colour picks here on BTC (I'm featuring a Colour Every Day for the entire year), you might recall that once I'd posted the all-important Corner Colours on the first eight days of 2016, a certain fresh and zesty Yellow-Green sprung up as the first random card of the deck.

That same colour, BTC 203, appeared again in April, in a blog post called Happy 20(7)3! about the New Year in Nepal, and why this bright, renewing hue was such a lucky plucky pick. The post begins:

I was going to call this post 'Colour of the Year' but I thought that might Google-ize people and point them in the wrong direction, thinking they were headed towards Pantone's annual proclamation . . .

And here's how that same post ends:

What are the chances that I would pick 203 from an almost full deck of 216 BTC Colour Cards? Easy answer: the chances are exactly 1 in 208. But what are the odds that 203 would also end up as a New Year's pick of the pack 103 days later and thousands of kilometres away? I say odd enough that we make it official. You heard it here first, folks. Never mind Pantone's 13-1520 and 15-3919. BTC's 203 is not only the coolest cool Green Tint ever, as of today, April 13, 2073, it's BTC's Colour of the Year.

Back in April, there I was, poking a bit of fun at Pantone (who, at the time, was still celebrating its 2016 duo of Rose Quartz and Serenity). So imagine my "Hey... Wait a minute... What the what?" surprise eight months later when I saw their choice for 2017: 

Seriously? How cool is that? 

It's not exactly the same colour, of course, Greenery being a wee bit Grey-ery than BTC 203 (and if you're a true colour geek like me, you'd drill down deep into the RGB ratios and hexidecimal what-not to see exactly how they differ). And 203 isn't even Green in my deck, officially classified (however barely) as part of the Yellow clan.

But really, looking at these two colours side by side - my first-of-the-year pick from Jan.9, 2016, picked again on Apr.13, '2073' by the women of Samunnat in Nepal, and the prestigious pick announced yesterday by the Pantone Color Institute - in the grand colour scheme of things, if I had to match just one of BTC's 216 with this one of Pantone's thousands, they couldn't be closer.

Here's to bursting forth with reassurance, to rejuvenate, revitalize, and reconnect. All over again.