Tracy HolmesComment

First edition Colour Cube Card decks, part of BTC's debut on Kickstarter, are almost SOLD OUT.

Cube Cards Apr.1.16.jpeg

These may look like just a deck of cards, but with a little folding, a roll of double-stick tape, and some magnets if you like, this collection of 54 colourful grids becomes an 8-part 3-dimensional colour model for the 21st Century. 

Designed to complement the BTC Boxed Set of 216 double-sided Colour Cards, or as a colour reference tool that stands on its own (and it actually does stand on its own), Cube Cards take colour theory to a whole new dimension. Colour is 3D, your tools should be too.

Eight sets of six make the eight Corner Colour Cubes. A set of six more make a matching Mini Cube. There's a place for every colour, and every colour has a place. While they last, get Cube Cards here.