HAPPY 20(7)3!

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I was going to call this post 'Colour of the Year' but I thought that might Google-ize people and point them in the wrong direction, thinking they were headed towards Pantone's annual proclamation of a Hue (or two) to see us through a full cycle of the Gregorian calendar. Actually, this is about a different 'Colour of the Year,' and a different calendar...

The launch of this website happened around the New Year that I know and love, and if you were here, you would have seen this post on 01.01.2016. You also would have been there for the debut of Card Per Diem and Colour Every Month, a mostly random roll-out of BTC Colours to celebrate not just one colour for an entire year, à la Pantone, but to feature a different colour every day.

It wasn't until yesterday that I found out April 13, 2016 is New Year's Day in Nepal. Here's how Samunnat's Kopila Basnet referenced it in her recent Colourful Journey blog post:

"Tomorrow we are celebrating our New Year 2073 so ignored the 7 and decided that 203 would be the colour of the year. We all guessed it would be a cool green Tint."
Posing with their pick for 'colour of the year,' the women of Samunnat are ready for the best year yet!

Posing with their pick for 'colour of the year,' the women of Samunnat are ready for the best year yet!

Ignoring the 7 in '2073' makes sense, since BTC Colour Code digits only go from 0 to 5. Cool Green Tint? Excellent guess! Tint Colour Codes have at least one '0' (so no Black), and no '5s' (making room for White). And even though this colour is in the Yellow Corner, with the 2 and the 3 adding up to a Base Hue of Green on either side of 0 Magenta, there's more Green than Yellow, and there's more Hue than White, so it was right to read it as a Green Tint, and not a too-light-mostly-White, with a 'less than half' influence of Hue...

Have I lost you? Maybe I have. And that's okay, because unlike the women of Samunnat, you haven't spent the last couple of weeks high in the Himalayas at BTC Colour Camp with Head Counsellor Wendy Moore leading you through. At first deal, BTC Colour Codes can seem undecipherable. But, as these women soon learned, even with an English-speaking Aussie teacher who admittedly lacks a command of Nepali, in her words, the codes can become "a common colour language" and even the most diverse group of students can explore, discover, and learn together.

"At first our stepping was tentative, nervous, hesitant, but the more we threw around those cards, the more we understood. The daily quizzes, guessing the codes for our lipstick, our favourite colours, even the colour of the New Year, all this helped us . . . It really is in the using of these cards that the confidence comes; that a language emerges." 

And isn't that true with any language? If you really want to learn it, you have to immerse yourself. Confidence comes not with some certainty that you will succeed, but rather with the curiosity to try, the willingness to fail, and the courage to try again.

"Every morning for two weeks now, we’ve started the day with a colour quiz. And we make mistakes, and we get it right, and we rifle through colour families, and we search all over our cubes. But this is the secret. Hands on learning. To those who have those cards, make those cubes, get the cards out of the boxes. Leap into colour!"

And leap they did! Though no wonder, given the history of the Samunnat Nepal Project, this is a courageous bunch!

To wrap things up here, let's go back to 203, their semi-random-but-maybe-just-right 'colour of the year.' A bright, refreshing, renewing Springtime Green to start 2073 in the mountains of Nepal. As Koplia says:

"We hope this colour represent the best year for us. We really don’t want another year like last year again."

Yes please, and no thank you. Yes please to the best year yet. No thank you to so many challenges that these women have already faced, and a BIG no thank you to another day like April 25, 2015, when a major earthquake followed too fast on the heals of 'Happy 2072.'

I think 203 is a perfect colour to start 2073. You know why? Because 203 kicked off 2016 too.

When I learned that April 13 was Nepali New Year, and 203 was Sammunat's lucky number, I thought I'd honour that by skewing the random and making 203 the Colour of the Day for today. But here's the thing. It had already been posted on the virtual calendar. When the 'card per diem' series started on January 1, 2016, the first 8 days were intentionally allocated to BTC's all-important 8 Corner Colours. The next colour, the first random colour of this 'breakthrough' year was picked from all the rest and revealed on January 9. And you know what it was? It was 203. How kismet cool is that?

The 31 Colours of January 2016, with 203 popping up as if to say, 'Pick me!'

The 31 Colours of January 2016, with 203 popping up as if to say, 'Pick me!'

To keep track of all the colours, I have a dedicated 'Colour Every Day' deck and I write the date on each card as it's added to the calendar. As you can see from the January stack above, White (000) was first, followed by the other Corner Colours. But then look who pops up as the first of the rest? What are the chances that I would pick 203 from an almost full deck of 216 BTC Colour Cards? Easy answer: the chances are exactly 1 in 208. But what are the odds that 203 would also end up as a New Year's pick of the pack 103 days later and thousands of kilometres away? I say odd enough that we make it official.

You heard it here first, folks. Never mind Pantone's 13-1520 and 15-3919. BTC's 203 is not only the coolest cool Green Tint ever, as of today, April 13, 2073, it's BTC's Colour of the Year