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Exactly two years ago today, BreakThroughColour officially launched as a crowdfunding project on Kickstarter.


With that in mind, please join me for a slice of virtual cake and say...

“Happy 2nd Birthday, BTC!”

When people ask me about the history of BTC, I often reference Friday, June 19, 2015 as its ‘start’ (as in ‘Kickstart’). The truth is, it started long before that, so more often, I call it the ‘debut’ (as in ‘debutante’), the day my Colour Cards were all grown up and ready for all the world to see. Or as ready as they’d ever be, because ask any Kickstarting Creator, or any entrepreneur on the edge of anything, and they’ll tell you: you’re never ready.

To be clear, ready or not, I never expected all the world to even notice, though I did go into it feeling confident that there would be some small collection of already convinced or at least curious Backers, maybe 50? Hopefully enough to push my tote board beyond the $5K goal that I had set to achieve. And with a month to make that mark, I was optimistic that I might even break 100 Backers by the end, if the curious became the converted, and/or if ‘buzz’ took my side.

This is the email I got from Kickstarter HQ immediately after I launched:

BTC Kickstarter Launch

I can still remember how nervous I was knowing that my little project was now no longer 'my little secret.' But that freaked out feeling was nothing compared to how I felt very soon after. 

This is the email I got just three minutes shy of three hours later:

BTC Kickstarter Goal

Say, what?!

I’d given myself a full 29 days to turn an idea-plus-prototype into something bigger. But 29 people got me to my goal in less than an afternoon. Even as I write this, two years later, I still find it hard to believe.

Every pledge counts, and every Backer matters, from the moment you launch (scary!!!) to the moment your project shifts from live to archive, turning that once-unknown debutante project into one for the Kickstarter history books. Here’s what that moment looked like for me and BTC when my project ended on Saturday, July 18, 2015:

BTC Kickstarter Funded

I want to mark this second anniversary with a shout-out to everyone who helped give BTC its Kickstart, beginning with those 29 early-adopting momentum-making ‘breakthrough’ Backers

Dan, Nancy, Alix, Julia, Pamela, K, Liz, Eileen, Beth, Christina, Véronique, Bill, Nancy, Karen, Robin, Jeffrey, Gail, Lynn, Carolyn, Becky, Lisa, Anke, Bella, Jean, Jo Ann, James, Bonnie, Janice, Elaine...

These colour keeners got things going on that Friday in June, and 532 equally amazing and generous others followed, taking BreakThroughColour to a place I had never imagined it could go. Looking back from where it is now (still going!), I am still humbled, blessed, and blown away by what happened during those four weeks in the Summer of ’15. 

With all my heart, a full-spectrum ‘Thank You!’ to all of you, my Backers, and beyond,


P.S. This website is now the official home of all things BreakThroughColour. But my Kickstarter project page will always have a special place for me in the history of BTC. If you haven’t already had a chance to check it out, it makes for an interesting time capsule.