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There are more than 100 Colours in the complete BTC collection that include romantic Red and Magenta (a.k.a. 'Hot Pink') in some way, and February 14 is a great day to celebrate them all . . .


Walking down our avenida this weekend, there was no shortage of red, pink, magenta, hot pink, deep red, maroon, burgundy, wine redpinky-red, reddish-pink... even shades of red deep and delicious enough to eat. In chocolates, candy boxes, cakes, and cupcakes, in single roses and big bouquets, balloon bouquets and huggable stuffies... pretty much anything that could be red or pink was. Good ol' Cupid, he had a busy day with his bow and arrow, striking hearts everywhere on behalf of San Valentine.


Valentine’s Day in Mexico is known as Día del amor y la amistad, which means 'the day of love and friendship.' I like that. Takes a bit of the pressure off, for both the lovers and 'not-in-love'-ers, and makes room in the day for perhaps a deeper love, to be shared among not just the star-crossed romantics, but within families, between friends, and throughout communities, with those close to us, those close at heart but too far to hug, and those no longer anywhere except in our memories.

Whether or not you've indulged in chocolate or smelled the sweet fragrance of fresh flowers, had dinner by candlelight or breakfasted in bed, danced 'neath moonlight or whiled the day away enjoying the rare sweet silence of doing nothing at all... I just wanted to simply share the Colour of Love and say 'Happy Valentine's Day' to friends everywhere who share a Love of Colour.