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Colour Every Day is one of my favourite little features on this website, an interactive and evolving reveal of all the Hues, Tints, Shades, Tones, and True Greys in the complete BTC collection. 


On one hand, it seems only right to give each colour its own 24-hour solo showcase as a big bold Card Per Diem swatch. And even if the daily colour isn't in your spectrum of favourites, it's a good chance to see each colour by itself, without the interaction or influence of others. Here is today's pick, the Colour Every Day colour for April 29, 2016:

Without looking at the Code Side of the 204 Colour Card, or without clicking on the virtual version above to learn more via its tags, what can you guess about this colour? Is it a pure Hue, or something lighter? What is its colour family? What is the Base hue? How pure is it? What about its Value? As a True Grey, where would sit on the Value Slider? Medium, or lighter? 


Going from micro to macro, it's also fun to see colours in groups. If you're anything but new to colour theory, you'll be familiar with the traditional ways we sort and sequence colours into schemes and harmonies, with names like monochromatic, analogous, complementary. I'll be talking more about those and others in other places on this site, but today, it's all about the random, and Colour Every Month is my random way to complement the colours featured daily on their own. Here's a look at April, with all but tomorrow filled in:


Between these two extremes – one colour on its own, or one as one of many – I've also been featuring a 'Top Five' on the BTC Welcome page, a row of the most recent randoms that evolves into something new every 24 hours. I love checking in each morning on this 'baby bear' collection, to see how the new combo looks when a new colour is added and the oldest one gets shifted out of the series. Sometimes it's a cohesive quintet, or a crazy mixed-up mix, or something in between, depending on your colour scheme criteria. It's always a surprise, and while something can be learned from the grouping every day, I definitely like some more than others, and you probably do too.

I think we are hard-wired to respond more positively to simpler schemes. Or maybe they are just easier to understand, or more familiar. Or maybe a particular grouping evokes something personal that works for one person, but may not be of interest to someone else, something that has nothing to do with the abstract aspects of colour theory. Without analyzing too deeply, let's just say there was something about today's five that made me smile:

How about you? Does this scheme work for you? If you have Colour Cards, pull these codes and take a closer look at exactly what these colours have in common. Deciphering the properties of colours (Hue, Value, and Saturation), whether it be with this set of five or any colour pair, trio, or broader palette, this is an excellent exercise for developing and defining what you like, and why.

Guessing the Colour Codes is also a good skill to practice, but if you want a fast track to find these five cards in the BTC deck of 216, from left to right, they are 204, 543, 210, 425, and 420.