Tracy HolmesComment

It's less than two weeks before my presentation at this year's National Arts Educators Association Convention in New York City. I'm getting excited about bringing BTC to NYC, and can't wait to share my ideas about colour with such a dedicated and enthusiastic gathering of art teachers.

I'll have some BTC Colour Cards to give away during 'The Challenge of Changing Colour' on Saturday, March 4. And even if you can't make it to my session in person (I know... there are so many to choose from!), you can still get in on the draw. Just subscribe to my mailing list and I'll pick a bonus winner from the conference attendees on site.

Even if you're not an art teacher, arts administrator, museum educator, curator, or teaching professional artist, you probably know someone who is. Please share this with them, so they too can opt in to win in my BTC in NYC Colour Cards Giveaway.

Deadline to enter is midnight EST on Friday, Mar.3, 2017.