YYellow, R = Red, M = Magenta, B = Blue, C = Cyan, G = Green

There are 12 HUES in the Colour Basics deck.

Six are the Corner Colours, and six are the Connector Colours. As the name implies, Connector Colours are the midway mixes that connect each pair of adjacent corners (in traditional colour theory, think 'tertiary'). Because they contain equal parts of both Hues, they can be grouped with either colour family.


Zig-zagging through the spectrum, each column shows the Corner Colour centred between its four connecting Hues, two in each direction towards the two adjacent corners.

There are 30 HUES in the BTC deck. 

Six are the Corner Colours, and there are four additional Hues connecting each pair of adjacent corners, two that belong to one Colour Corner family, and two that belong to the other.

There are no 'midway mix' Hues in the BTC deck. A Corner Colour may be influenced by either one of its adjacent Corner Colours, but the mix is always a 'greater than, less than' ratio, clearly defining that Hue's colour family.